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After years of suffering with back and neck pains, burning and numbness, going through two neck surgeries, and a back surgery, to correct the problems, I found Dr. Zen

Within a month, after Dr. Zens treatments, he has brought me more relief from pain and suffering, than I ever received from surgeries, pain management, pain medications and physical therapy.

The acupuncture and massage treatments have changed my outlook on life. I am able to get up in the morning and move around, water my garden, and walk around, without constant pain and burning I had in my left shoulder and leg.  I am actually able to get a decent nights sleep.

I want to thank Dr. Zen and his staff for everything they have done for me.
-Ben Peirce

I wish to thank you for your acupuncture treatments. You have been helping to control the asthmatic spasms in my lungs and have reduced the severity of my asthma attacks.  My lung spasms are now controlled by approximately ninety-eight percent.

I have also suffered from gastrointestinal and gall bladder attacks.  After the first week of treatments you have entirely eliminated all of my gastric and gall bladder pain.

Thanks to you my latent onset migraines have also been completely eliminated.  My final problem you have helped me with was the reduction of my muscular pain.

In closing I would like to thank you for giving me what I consider to be a higher quality of life than I have had prior to beginning of my treatments with you.
-Stephanie K. Gibbs

Since I have been coming to your office for treatments on my back, I have felt so much better.  The acupuncture treatments, muscle therapy, herbs and massages have greatly improved my back. I would like to thank you for all your expertise and for the nice relaxing atmosphere of your office and staff.
-Bill Albrecht

I have been suffering from neck and shoulder pain for a few years. I tried physical therapy for 2 years but didnt get much healing and still suffered with a lot of pain every day. I went to an M.D. and got cortisone shots, which alleviated my pain a little but didnt take my pain away and still struggled with the pain everyday. My last hope was to try something different Acupuncture. After 6 sessions of Acupuncture treatment my pain decreased 70% and I cant really believe how it has changed my life since the treatments with Dr. Zen.
-Odeica Garriquez

Having suffered from chronic low back pain with little relief from medical pharmaceuticals, I was seeking help when I found Joseph Zen. Through his acupuncture and herbal medicine he suggested and the expert massage therapy by Colleen. Im now able to live a full, active and comfortable life. I highly recommend Joseph Zen at Acupuncture & Herbs.
-Emily Thiroux

A miracle has occurred in our lives because of Dr. Zen. After trying to get pregnant for over three years, we had lost most hope of having children of our own. We tried ovulation predictors, temperature measurements, infertility clinics, fertility medications, and artificial insemination, but were unsuccessful. We were labeled as having unexplained infertility because the numerous tests found us to be healthy. We decided to try acupuncture after several recommendations and positive research results. In less than one months time of visiting Dr. Zen, we discovered we were pregnant! Not only does he work wonders, but he takes the time to get to know each patient a rare trait for doctors today. Dr. Zen has made a wonderful difference in our lives.
-Brent and Becky Fulce

My Orthopedic sent me to get Acupuncture treatment for my neck and shoulder. Pleasantly the relief came not only to my neck and shoulder but also my sinuses and back. I highly recommend Acupuncture & Herbs for offering excellent treatment.
-Bruice Meier

I was in a really bad shape, in 3 weeks of treatment my leg edema and pain has decreased and Im able to walk again without a cane. I feel entirely like a different person. My family and friends have noticed the difference.
-Dolores Hurd

Just walking in to the office of Acupuncture and Herbs is a calming and relaxing experience. Dr. Zen and his staff are stupendously professional while also being nurturing and understanding.

During our time with Dr. Zen, he has treated both of my sons for ADHD and one for chronic congestion. My son, with the chronic congestion, has only had his symptoms alleviated with acupuncture. We have tried medication after medication, as well as completing every test imaginable looking for the cause of the congestion - all to no avail. Thankfully, after a visit with Dr. Zen, my son can actually take deep breaths and sleep through the night.

My husband and I receive treatments for headaches, back pain and high cholesterol. I had been on prescription medication for migraines off and on for over a decade before giving in to acupuncture. It has now been over 3 years since I took a pill or shot of Imitrex. My husband had been diagnosed with high cholesterol, but was very leary of the medication prescribed by his physician. By receiving acupuncture and ingesting herbs and teas specifically for cholesterol needs, my husband's cholesterol levels have lowered and stabilized without prescription assistance.

As you can tell, the services we receive at Acupuncture and Herb are invaluable and have definitely increased the quality of life for each and every member of our family.
-The Schneiders

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